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The Campaign for Health & Wellness is a four-year, $15 million major fundraising campaign to establish the first-ever dedicated center for health and wellness for gay, bi and trans men, and to make San Francisco the first city to end HIV transmission. With your help, we will get there together!

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We’ve been fighting the AIDS epidemic for over 30 years. With new HIV infections at historic lows, we have a chance to stop new infections once and for all.

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Gay & bi men still represent most of the new infections in San Francisco and are the largest group living with the disease. One in five is living with HIV.


We need better care. Nearly half of gay & bi men say they’ve never talked to their doctor about their sexual orientation, let alone HIV.



Strut is a revolutionary new center for health & wellness from San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Located in the heart of the Castro, it’s a place for gay, bi & trans men to get the sexual health services, substance health counseling, and group support that the community has known for years through Magnet, the Stonewall Project, the Stop AIDS Project and others.

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We can end HIV transmission in San Francisco. Our community is counting on us, and we’re counting on you. Find out how you can help.

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Leaders in business, government, public health, and private citizens are already getting involved. Read their stories.

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