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Strut is the first-ever home for gay, bi and trans men’s health and wellness in the Castro that provides free sexual health services, substance health counseling, community support and wellness programs, and community events and activities, all in one place.

At Strut, clients find tools and expertise empowering them to be confident about living the way they want. They are celebrated for their uniqueness and welcomed as members of our vibrant community. And, they get the kind of support that encourages them to live and love how they like, free from stigma, shame and judgment and discover a deeper sense of love and belonging.

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Programs & Services

Strut brings together services from San Francisco AIDS Foundation previously delivered at separate locations under different names into a single site. Integrating our most in-demand services for gay, bisexual and transgender men allows us to offer 25% more case management, 50% more substance use counseling, 25% more mental health counseling, and 50% more HIV and STIs screenings.

Sexual Health Services

  • Screening for HIV and STIs including syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea
  • Vaccinations for hepatitis A and B
  • PrEP & PEP consultations and program enrollment

Community Events & Activities

  • Real Talk: community discussions on current topics and HIV-related issues
  • Art openings, book clubs and open mic nights

Community Support & Wellness

  • Social activities to combat isolation and depression
  • Prevention groups for high-risk populations
  • Linkage services that connect HIV-positive clients to treatment
  • Support groups for HIV-positive men
  • Regular wellness checks

Substance Use & Mental Health Services

  • Drop-in groups
  • One-on-one counseling

Hear from the Community

Members of the community will benefit in many ways. Here are four examples.

Brad, 43
Though Brad loved living in Chicago and New York, he calls San Francisco home now—for good. He explores the city on his daily runs. Brad uses pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as one tool to manage his health.
Keisuke, 31
Keisuke came to San Francisco in 2012. He studies health education at CCSF, tutors students in Japanese and volunteers at his Buddhist temple. Because he is so busy, he feels like MUNI has become a second home. Keisuke is HIV-positive and loves the support he’s found through Positive Force.
Nate, 21
Nate's friends recently introduced him to the DREAAM Project. “DREAAM is family,” he says. He knows he can count on DREAAM staff to be a trusted source of advice on school, dating sex and saftey. Nate takes PrEP and gets tested for HIV regularly.
Tom, 50
Tom lives in Noe Valley. When he’s not working downtown in human resources, he’s immersing himself in the city’s art scene. Tom tested positive at Magnet in 2005. He has served as the chair of the foundation’s Board of Directors and is currently the chair of the Leadership Committee for the Campaign for Health and Wellness.

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